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Automated to Your Level of Comfort

With VidHiring, we map out your entire hiring process and automate it to your level of comfort. This enables you to get in contact with applicants as much or as little as you want so you can ensure the quality always rises to the top. You can even automate internally as well.

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Guaranteed ROI

Did you know that according to research done by Bersin & Associates the average recruiting cost per hire in the US is over $3400? VidCruiter reduces these costs in some cases by over 75% all while delivering better applicants more quickly and more efficiently.

Get Better Results with a Standardized Hiring Process

Your quality of hire increases when you treat everyone fairly and equally. Having multiple recruiters working on your hiring is beneficial, but can also make things very confusing when coordinating activities, progress, scoring, etc. With VidHiring, every candidate will experience the same application process. You can create tasks, custom ratings, and individually rank candidates, ensuring that everything remains simple and organized.

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Reduce Time to Hire

Recruiting new talent is an expensive and time-consuming process. From posting jobs to putting hundreds of candidates through screening, the hiring process is labor intensive. Now it doesn’t have to be. From starting with a branded career site to tracking, interviewing and checking references VidHiring makes your next hire the most efficient hire you’ve ever made.

Brand the Site with Your Company Logo and Brand Standards

A professionally branded career site and job portal give candidates a great impression of your company from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, this will help you attract top talent and propel your business forward.

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Super Easy to Use

Adopting new technologies and processes can be confusing and hard to implement. That's why we've designed VidHiring to be so simple that your grandmother could use it.

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Stored Safely in the Cloud

Keeping your information safe is our top priority. If you are not organized, some of this information can easily be misplaced or lost forever, costing your organization time and money. With VidHiring’s top safety platform, we store all of your information safely in the cloud, forever. You own your data, so we keep it as long as you want us too.

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Streamline and Automate the Process

It’s common for hiring processes to be a confusing blend of technological and manual work, resulting in miscommunication and confusion. By automating the entire hiring process and tailoring it to your needs, VidHiring makes it simple and easy.

Request Tasks and Review Them Later

Coordinating interviews and phone conversations with candidates can be difficult, but with VidHiring it is so simple. With just one click, you can request tasks from your candidates, and then review them on your own time.

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Review Anytime Anywhere by Anyone

Scheduling and reviewing candidates is hard enough to do at a busy office, but what if you’re away from the office? What if your candidate lives on the other side of the world? VidHiring fixes these problems by allowing you to review and work on your tasks anywhere, anytime, and the same goes for your applicants. It’s maximum flexibility.

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