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Upgrade Your Applicant Tracking System

VidCruiter's Applicant Tracking System was built to solve all your recruiting problems. It's funny when purchasing a new mobile phone people would never consider getting something built in the 90's yet when buying an ATS, companies often consider old software. Upgrade today to a tool that is designed to ensure your needs are met while improving the quality and experience of the people you hire.

Search and Sort Based
on Any Skill Set

We know that it can be hard to sift through piles of resumes to find candidates who have the specific skills you need. With our ATS quick search features, you can easily look through all of your filed resumes and find the best candidates with a certain skill set.

applicant tracking systems
candidate tracking systems

The ATS Ranks Candidates
Based on Your Criteria

Decide how little or how many questions you need to cover to decide if a person is qualified. There are never any arbitrary limits on the number of questions, so you are free to be as complete and as detailed as you like. This is "Applicant Tracking 2.0".

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Filter and Search Through
Information Beyond the Resume

Not every detail about an applicant will be found on their resume. We allow you to ask any question and use multiple filters to find the candidates with the skills you need.

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recruitment tracking software

We’ll Keep Your Resumes so
You Can Always Find Them Later

Keeping resumes on file can be a messy and unforgiving task. We’ll keep your resumes in order and store them in a safe place so you can refer to them whenever and wherever.

Share with Others

Candidate Profiles can be shared with your entire team, allowing them to review and rank the candidates on their own time. More collaboration will result in your team making better hiring decisions.

applicant tracking systems
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Applicant tracking solutions

Emphasize Your Brand
throughout the Process

Everyone wants to work for an organization that takes pride in their brand. A branded career site gives candidates a better feeling about your team and what it is like to work for your organization. A well-branded recruitment process creates a powerful first impression that lasts.

Share Your Corporate Culture

Showcase your company culture with videos of you and your team through the hiring process. No more long boring forms. Now you can engage applicants and “sell” them on working for you.

applicant tracking software
staffing and tracking software

Customized Workflow

You have never seen this kind of workflow before. You now have full control and we mean full control. You can literally have the system do exactly what you need it to do.

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Take Back Your Time and Your Budget

Having the tools to rate, rank and sort your pool of applicants allows you to focus on top quality candidates. VidCruiter automates the entire hiring process and will reduce your recruitment costs and turnover.

acquisition tracking
talent tracking solution

All Information Is Kept Confidential and Secure

We know how important it is to keep your candidates’ and your team’s information safe and protected. That’s why we store all of your information securely in the cloud. Only you and your team have access to your information, now and forever.

Everything within Easy Reach

You’re the boss. Tracking and measuring HR input and workflow has never been easier. Now you can get everyone on the same page and keep your career page organized in real time.

Applicant Tracker
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Recruiting Tracking

Job Requisitions

The VidCruiter ATS allows you to fully customize your organization's job requisition process. At any time you can involve any decision maker and have full control over how your organization hires. Do different departments have different requirements? VidCruiter works in all cases.

VidCruiter's Software is W3C Compliant

VidCruiter is W3C compliant, allowing ease of accessibility and equal opportunity for all your applicants. This gives your organization the option to choose from a larger selection of candidates. Our recruiting system complies with the privacy standards and guidelines of the worldwide web.

Applicant Tracker

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