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More Insight, More Accurate (Tired of "Canned" References)

Asking a candidate for 2 references is a good idea, but it’s often not enough. Now you can ask for as many references as you want and still do less work. The more references you have respond, the more you know about your potential candidate.

automated reference checking
automatic referencing

Check References at Any Time

Our system allows the option to ask for references at any point in the hiring process. Ask for them upfront, part way through or at the very end. The option is always yours.

Applicants Do the Work

With VidReferencing applicants are the ones who call the references on your behalf. Once they call their referee, they simply get them to complete your private online report. Applicants do not see what is reported.

360 reference check
360 reference assessment

Reference in Any Format

You can ask for references in any format, written, audio or video. Most people choose text but we have all the options.

Customize, Then Standardize the Process

Having different team members call references at different times can result in having inconsistent results. With VidReferencing you create the questions you want to ask and you can send the same question to as many or as few candidates as you like. The uniformity in questions allows you to better evaluate your prospects.

reference check solutions
reference checking

Enjoy a Better Response Rate

Everyone is busy these days. Getting referees on the phone to chat about your new candidate can be a difficult thing to do. With VidReferencing applicants are the ones calling references for you to ensure this step is getting done. On top of that, our system enables the referees to answer your questions when they have the time. This results in zero callbacks and right-the-first-time references.

As Many Reference Checks as You Need

Generally you will only ask for references from your finalists. But what happens if you get bad references? Your finalists list just got smaller and you could end up not having the right person for the job at all. With VidReferencing, you can do reference checks for as many candidates as you wish, giving you more insight on more candidates.

complete references
employment reference

References Are More Honest

Sometimes references will not give a totally honest answers when you are talking to them on the phone. This can be bad news for your company if you hire someone based on the references they received. With VidReferencing references have proven to be more honest and candid with their responses because they can give it more thought and also they feel more removed from the process when they are not talking to you in person. When you write something on paper you are a lot more accountable than in a small discussion. Referee validation aka “almost lie proof “

Review References on Your Own Schedule

Coordinating your schedule around when references have time to speak is challenging and unnecessary. With our automated reference checking software, you can review the references’ responses to your questions on your own time. Allowing you to coordinate your schedule based on your needs.

online reference
automated reference

Documented Proof of the Proper Process

Checking references can be an important part of the process. Online reference check software allows you to track and ensure this step has been completed and documented.

Score References

Our system will enable your organization to get an automated score based on how past employers rate your candidates. This gives you even more insight into who is the your perfect match.

video referencing

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