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Most Advanced Video Interviewing Technology

VidCruiter uses the most advanced technology for live communications. WebRTC is 6X faster than other services and offers the best quality in the industry for the value.

Consistent Interviews for Everyone

Whether a candidate is from across the hall or across the globe, with VidCruiter’s Live Interviewing you can ensure a fair, consistent interview process for everyone. Now you know that you can evaluate each person in an unbiased way and that each hire is made with total integrity.

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Multiple Interviewers
at Once

When conducting a live video interview it is typical for it to be a one-on-one situation. This leaves crucial team members out of the process and can affect your end result. With VidLiveInterviewing, you can have multiple team members participate in the interview at the same time, allowing you the opportunity to get multiple reactions about a candidate.

Reduce Travel Costs

By doing a video interview, you can eliminate costly flight and other costs of bringing people in, or going to see potential candidates. This also dramatically reduces the time to hire.

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Talk for as Long as You Want

There are no time restrictions so now you can take the time you need to cover all your questions. Never feel rushed, or that you are “on the clock”.

Your Company Branding on the Screen

When using other live interview platforms you will typically have to deal with having their company’s logo on the screen (not yours) which can distract your candidate and make you look unprofessional. With our live interview platform your brand can be prominently displayed on the screen throughout the entire interview.

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Playback an Interview as Often as You Wish

With our video conferencing system you can record the interview as it's taking place and refer back to it at any time. If for some reason someone was unable to attend they can also watch the entire interview as well, even on their smart phone. Now you have everything that was said documented and saved in that candidates profile.

Mobile Interviewing

With the VidLive mobile application, being on the go does not prevent you from joining a live video interview. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows for the live video interviews to be recorded, even if some of the individuals are using a smartphone or tablet.

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No Software or Training Necessary

With VidCruiter, there’s never any downloading required. If you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, anyone can use our service. With all the different programs available online and the range of computer skills that people possess, you can’t assume that a candidate will know how to access and use a live interview platform. With VidLiveInterviewing we fixed that. All you have to do is invite your candidate to the interview, they click a button and you’re all ready to go.

Private Chat during an Interview

Ever wish you could talk to your co-workers about what a finalist was saying in the middle of an interview? Now you can. VidCruiter’s private chat allows you to chat about the interviewee while they are talking. This brings a new dimension to interviewing unseen in the market place.

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